Hydro Thunder

After extensive study over the last 5 years we decided to open a new chapter in the manufacture and use of carbon fiber fins.

Using state-of-the-art fabrics with Vacuum Infusion Double Heater Moulding (DHM) technology and combining them with the innovative “WaterJet Flow System”, we proudly present to the spearfishing community the “Hydro Thunder” fins.
This new pioneering “WaterJet System” exploits the ‘dead’-non functional- part of the blade, providing a continuous steady flow of water inside the blade itself making the movement effortless for the user.
Minimum effort, super restful with a lighting fast response and rebound.
Also, for the first time in history, we have applied a hydrophobic technology on the blades themselves.
Probably the most innovative and best fins ever made.

• T 1000 H7 SE Carbon Fiber
• Αυστηρά Vacuum Infusion (DHM)
• WaterJet Flow
• Hydrophobic
• Extreme Propulsion
• Super Resistant
• Super Resistant
• Performance Tool

*Patented by Mythicon Spearguns & Fins

Compatible with every footpocket in the market. 

Available in Soft, Soft-Medium, Medium



80 cm


19 cm


200 gr


22° to 30°